Sunday, 7 September 2008

Shockingly busy!

Ok, i've been slack about posting but I do have several reasons for being absent for the last month or so.

1 we've moved into a house
2 we've stored the van
3 we've collected 2/3rds of our possessions from various locations
4 we've started ebaying junk
5 mam and dad are 6 days away from moving and the house is nearly packed
6 work has been hectic

If you say all of these quickly it doesn't sound much but try living through it!

I promise to come back soon and update all. However, just wanted to say, we are still going back to a motorhome. After 6 weeks (ish) in a house, we are more sure than ever that that house living is just not for us yet. It is a stop gap on the way to a bigger motorhome although I am about to start a veg patch while I have the chance! ha ha.

Back soon! :)